Independent Advocacy 2010 Inc.

Delivering high quality services using the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards

Obtaining Services from IA



Independent Advocacy (2010) Inc. has a process for accepting people with developmental disabilities into services.

  • An individual must be an adult who has been referred to us through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or other government funding bodies (i.e. Government of Nunavut, etc).
  • The referral information will be reviewed by the Management Team and/or Executive Group.
  • An intake meeting/conversation will be held with the individual and/or their guardian to determine relevant information.
  • A decision is made by the Management Team and/or Executive Group and the funding body will be advised as to whether Independent Advocacy can provide services.
  • Independent Advocacy cannot adequately offer supports for individuals with acute medical needs (e.g. home IV therapy, etc.) nor do we provide supports for individuals listed on the sexual offender’s registry.
  • Individual must have funding approved to cover the supports he/she requires.

Independent Advocacy requires full disclosure of any and all information related to the individual which would enable the agency to provide quality services. Applicants may be referred to an alternate agency and documents will be stored according to agency’s policy.

The information package will be review annually by the Management Team and revised as needed.