Independent Advocacy 2010 Inc.

Delivering high quality services using the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards

24 Hour Supports

In all of our 24 hour support homes, we are dedicated to providing safe, secure and stable environments for the individuals we work for. Houses are kept clean and bright. Furnishings and decor are determined by the individuals who live in the home. We think it is important that the homes we operate look like homes, and not like offices, institutions, or places of business. Operations are limited to a designated area of the home.

Homes are tailored to the specific needs of the residence, and all will be assessed for the required adaptive equipment and the equipment will be fitted to the home. Most homes are wheelchair accessible.

Independent Advocacy endorses a “live and let live” approach to living with others. Housemates will all make decisions about home and home guidelines. We also employ a Health and Safety Consultant to do random inspections to ensure that standards of safety and security are consistent for all individuals.

Each home has a roster of regular staff. Each team is overseen by a Team Leader.

Our dedicated staff provides daily assistance with:

·         Health and Wellness

·         Cooking

·         Cleaning

·         Grocery shopping

·         Booking transportation

·         Helping research special events and activities of interest

·         Other day-to-day tasks involved in the running of the home.