Independent Advocacy 2010 Inc.

Delivering high quality services using the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards


Individual/Guardian Satisfaction Survey

1) Did you receive clear and understandable information about Independent Advocacy (IA) during the intake process?
2) Was our process for Concern Resolution reviewed with you?
3) Do you feel your concerns are addressed in a respectful and timely manner?
4) If applicable, do you receive incident reports in a timely manner?
5) Do you feel the staff at IA have the skills to care for an adult with developmental disabilities?
6) Are you satisifed with the process in place for managing individuals' funds?
7) Do you feel the staff at IA support the individual to make day to day decisions that directly affects them?
8) Do you feel the staff at IA care for the individual with dignity and respect?
9) Are you aware of our policies and procedures for abuse prevention and reporting?
10) Are you aware that you can attend a Rights workshop at IA?
11) Do you feel IA demonstrates activities that promote and maintain continuous quality improvement?
12) Would you recommend Independent Advocacy to a person with a disability?

 If you have any concerns please feel free to leave us a message at (780)-452-9616 and one of our program managers will get back to you within 24hrs.