Independent Advocacy 2010 Inc.

Delivering high quality services using the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards

Who We Are


We have been providing care to individuals with developmental disabilities since 1991.

We are a group of highly committed and experienced people within the humanitarian field who are constantly striving to learn more about the needs of the people we work for.

All people learn and change and grow; thus, we are committed to learning, changing, and growing with the individuals we serve.

We are an incorporated company which meets provincial laws and standards.

We are not categorized as non-profit; however, our administrative budget is the same as the non-profit groups and we account for our expenditures following the same requirements.

We are first employed by the individual who in turn receives funding from Persons with Developmental Disabilities. Our commitment is to the individual, and then the funds provider.

What we stand for                                                             

Involving people in decisions regarding all areas of their lives, including who they live with, who they work with, and the level of support required enhancing independence.

Assisting individuals to live as independently as possible within the environment and community of their choice.

Inviting supports, family and guardians, to participate whenever the individual chooses so.

Nurturing and promoting relationships to achieve a fulfilling life and safe level of supports.

Committed to ACDS and Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement:

Independent Advocacy delivers high quality service toward achieving successful outcomes using Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards


The Individuals we support will have a Quality of Life equal to that of all Albertans.


Inclusiveness: We value others and ourselves as unique individuals and celebrate both our commonalities and differences.

Accountability: We value our commitment to achieving and sustaining quality service, and our drive to continuously improve quality.

Rights: We value human rights and weave them into all that we do.

Respect: All actions are guided by absolute honesty, fairness, and respect for every individual.

Safety: We promote safe, clean, and inviting homes. Individuals and those who support them have the equipment and supplies needed to support our work.

Growth: All of us have the ability to learn and grow and so we value continued learning for ourselves and those we serve.